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Thursday, May 19, 2022
Prepared by The Messenger Staff

Canada Bans Putin and his Entourage from Entering the Country

Canada has banned up to 1,000 people, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entourage, from entering the country. The information was published on the official website of the Government of Canada.

The list of the banned names also includes Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Ukrainian separatists, and citizens of Belarus.

“Against the backdrop of a brutal attack by the Putin regime, Canada stands by Ukraine. Forbidding Putin's supporters and key supporters, including those responsible for unprovoked aggression, to enter our country is one of the ways in which we hold Russia accountable for its crimes. We continue to use all options to protect freedom and democracy and support Ukraine,” said the Canadian Minister of Public Safety.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and began bombing several cities simultaneously, including Kyiv. Thousands of civilians, including 229 children, were killed in the Russian aggression.

In parallel with the invasion of Ukraine, various sanctions were imposed on Russia by a number of states, including Canada.

Russia expels French and Italian Diplomats

Russia expels French and Italian diplomats. The information is spread by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country.

The Russian side informed the ambassadors of France and Italy summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the decision.

According to foreign sources, 34 employees of the French embassy and 30 employees of the Italian embassy were declared persona non grata.

Russia made this decision in response to these countries' expulsion of Russian diplomats. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, France expelled 41 Russian diplomats and Italy expelled 30.