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Von Cramon: It is Time for Georgian Dream to Learn to Handle Criticism Instead of Throwing Tantrums

By The Messenger Staff
Friday, May 20, 2022
Cramon says it is time for the Georgian Dream to acknowledge its failures, learn to accept criticism and stop arranging tantrums.

I try not to react to Georgian politicians’ tasteless & baseless attacks but now I was left no choice.

I met Ms Tsulukiani when she was a young, aspiring politician & a lawyer. Sad to see how she radicalised over the years & is now spreading lies & disinformation.

Ms Tsulukiani knows best that I was & am one of the biggest critics of Saakashvili’s regime & fought for the right of people to democratically elect their government. Accusing me of colluding with UNM is a deliberate lie that no reasonably thinking person will believe.

GD’s disinformation is reaching the Kremlin’s level. GD is not Georgia, criticizing GD is not the same as criticizing Georgia. This is why I call myself a Friend of Georgia, not a “Friend of GD”. Stop hiding behind the country’s good name. Take responsibility for YOUR failures.

It is not a “small group of politicians” that criticize democratic backsliding but the key politicians who determine the EU policy towards Georgia in the EU. Parl & beyond. Check the signatures of the latest statements. Or wait for the next EU Parl resolution on Georgia.

These are BTW the same politicians who daily defend Georgia's interests, who fought for Visa liberalisation, who fight for Georgia’s territorial integrity. Meanwhile, GD managed to deteriorate democracy & through back Georgia on media freedom from 60th to 89th place in 1 year.

I do not “interfere” in Georgian affairs. I am reminding U of the obligations U took & did not fulfil (April19). If you want to be taken seriously, stop breaking promises, stop harming Georgia’s fragile democracy. Fix judiciary, stop stealing microphones, stop hate & polarisation.

I’ve been a friend of Georgia (NOT its governments) for many years. Back then, I was taught a Georgian wisdom “criticize your friends to their faces and your foes behind their backs”. It is time for GD to learn how to handle the criticism & truth instead of throwing tantrums.