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Thursday, June 16, 2022
Prepared by Messenger Staff

NBG: $313 mln From Russia - 888% More Than Last Year

According to the National Bank of Georgia, the volume of remittances in the country in May 2022 amounted to 505.7 million US dollars (1502.1 million GEL), which is 169.4% (318.0 million US dollars) more than in May 2021. Of the $ 505.7 million, $ 91.76 million was sent to Georgia from EU countries and $ 313.90 million from Russia, which is 62.07% of the total enrollment. The annual growth rate was 888.73%.

The NBG states that 98.1% of remittances to Georgia come from the 23 largest partner countries, with remittances exceeding $ 1 million each in May. The same 23 countries accounted for 92.1% of all remittances in May last year.

In May 2022, 28.7 million US dollars (85.1 million GEL) were sent abroad from Georgia, which is 25.4% more than in the same period of May 2021 (22.9 million US dollars).

Violent Group Members Including Palavandishvili, Released on Bail

All seven people, including Guram Palavandishvili, detained during the June 6 rally by Putin's violent groups outside the EU office in Tbilisi, have been released.

They are known to have been taken to the police station for questioning for only a few hours, after which they were released on bail.

The violent groups held a rally in front of the EU Delegation Office yesterday.

Anti-Western groups demanded the expulsion of Georgian diplomats accredited from the country and had a banner with the relevant content on the ground.

The situation on the ground became tense when the protesters promised to burn the EU flag.