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Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Goncharenko: Do not allow Georgians to be Captives of an Oligarch

“Now they [Georgia] have problems, but please do not allow Georgians to be captives of one oligarch. Dear brothers, we must support you and say that the Georgian people must be inside Europe. Give candidate status to Georgia as well.

A NATO summit will be held next week. I appeal to Turkey to support the accession of Finland and Sweden to the alliance.

I would like to address all NATO member states, please support Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia and provide MAP (Action Plan). We must be united, and strong, to fight all the dangers that threaten us today.”

Lomjaria Observes Georgians Not Given Up on Fighting for Values

Public Defender Nino Lomjaria published her brief impressions on June 20 rally.

“My impressions from yesterday's rally:

1. Research results that 80% -90% of the population wants Europe are a reality;
2. If there were supporters of all the parties at the rally, this is great! It means that people are taking steps to meet the requirements for depolarization;
3. Georgian society (regardless of generation) is much more progressive and European than the Georgian political elite;
4. The propaganda and steps of the ruling party, which were constantly aimed at stereotypical Georgians with a post-Soviet mentality, will simply not work, as you see in paragraph 3.
5. People are neither relaxed nor tired of fighting for values, nor tangible alienation between generations or between political views, they are simply tired of most of the existing opposition political spectrum, and this is the weakness of Georgian democracy, along with the authoritarian rule.”