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Public Defender Says Everything Must Be Done to Issue Positive Opinion Regarding Granting Georgia Candidate Status

By The Messenger Staff
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Public Defender Nino Lomjaria told reporters, “We must take use of all occasions and platforms to demonstrate to the EU that the democratic reform agenda is back in our country. I am prepared to engage in this process whenever appropriate.”

“Georgia, the Georgian political community, both the ruling power and the opposition, the civil sector, we all must do everything in order for the European Commission to issue a positive opinion regarding the granting of candidate status at the end of the year. This plan is presented, of course, I have skepticism, naturally based on the statements and decisions that we see, but I believe that we must use all opportunities and formats to show the EU that the democratic reform agenda is back in this country and we are ready to fight for democratic changes. I don't think that the European Union only needs to see the process, they expect that as a result of this process, important steps will be taken on important issues such as: justice, anti-corruption, law enforcement agencies, elections. Therefore, we should, of course, observe the process and see how ready the government is for this.

My office and I, as a constitutional body, are ready to participate in this process where necessary,” Lomjaria said.