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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Prepared by Messenger Staff

The president of Latvia appoints Edite Medne as a new Ambassador to Georgia

The President of Latvia, Egils Levits, presented the credentials of the new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Latvia to Georgia, Edite Medne.

The official ceremony was held at Riga Castle. The information was released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

The newly appointed ambassador said that Latvia is and will remain a reliable partner of Georgia. She expressed her support for Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations and implementation of reforms.

"I am committed to the promotion of economic and cultural ties between Latvia and Georgia, and I intend to work closely with the Latvian diaspora," Medne said.

Medne started working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia in 1995.

Before being appointed as the ambassador to Georgia, she held the position of the deputy head of the mission in the Embassy of Latvia in Ireland.

Civil organizations demand the establishment of a visa regime for Russian citizens

Civil organizations issue a joint statement demanding the immediate establishment of a visa regime for Russian citizens.

As mentioned in the statement of the organizations, the legal status of the persons who have already entered the territory of Georgia should also be reviewed.

"The organizations once again express our full support to the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom, we recognize that the Russian Federation has committed acts prohibited by the international/law of war in Ukraine and Georgia and continues to violate the territorial integrity of our country today, we demand that a visa regime be established for the citizens of the Russian Federation.

It is known to the public that in the period of January-June 2022, the rate of arrival of Russian visitors to Georgia increased significantly. In addition, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, about 6,400 Russian companies were registered in Georgia, which is 7 times more than the annual rate of 2021. Russian exports have increased significantly, and the mass influx of Russian citizens and businesses clearly indicates that the citizens of the occupying state are free to use occupied Georgia to escape the difficult economic situation created by the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

We believe that the control of Russian citizens and businesses entering Georgia is a matter of the country's national security. In particular, the continued occupation, the ethnic cleansing committed by the Russian Federation in Georgia, crimes against humanity, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the approach often used by the Russian Federation - the so-called killing of its own citizens. Under the pretext of protection, in connection with intervention in a foreign country - creates a sufficient basis for establishing a visa regime." the statement reads.