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Friday, August 26, 2022
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Vice Speaker of the Parliament talks Election Code changes

According to the Vice Speaker of the Parliament, Levan Ioseliani, two issues are prioritized for him and his teammates in the direction of changes in the Election Code. One is increasing the area of holding elections electronically and the second is increasing the quorum for the appointment of members of the District Election Commission to 2/3 to ensure the involvement of the opposition.

As Ioseliani told the journalists, the implementation of the electronic system in at least a third of the country will ensure manipulations, and raising the quorum for the appointment of members of the District Election Commission will ensure consensus and the involvement of the opposition.

"We raised two issues at this meeting, which are fundamentally important. The first one is related to increasing the area of conducting the next elections electronically. We want electronic vote counting machines to be used even more in the next elections. I mean that such a change should be implemented in at least a third or half of Georgia, so that we can know the results after 20 minutes or half an hour. There is a good experience based on the elections held in Batumi. This ensures any type of provocation, or manipulation. Therefore, as electronic vote counting machines are used in more precincts, it will greatly improve the standard of conducting elections in Georgia. The second issue concerns the appointment of members of district election commissions - according to the current regulation, it is possible Without the involvement of the opposition, the Central Election Commission should make a decision with a simple majority and appoint its own members to the District Election Commission. We believe that the participation of the opposition is very important. We demand that the quorum be increased to 2/3, so that it is impossible to appoint a member in the District Election Commission without opposition. On the one hand, this will be an opportunity to appoint a member through consensus, and on the other hand, the involvement of the opposition will be ensured," the Vice Speaker said.

Imprisoned Soso Gogashvili promises to publish more evidence of Ministers' 'group criminal acts'

The former Deputy head of the State Security Service of Georgia, Soso Gogashvili released another letter from prison, which refers to government leaders as 'puppet cabinet of ministers' and calls Minister of Internal Affairs Vakhtang Gomelauri and The Minister of Justice Rati Bregadze 'criminals'.

"There are at least two criminals in today's puppet Cabinet of Ministers - Vakhtang Gomelauri and Rati Bregadze "

As Gogashvili explained, the said evidence will finally confirm the information "about the criminal offense committed by the group" by the government representatives.

"There are at least two criminals in today's puppet cabinet - Vakhtang Gomelauri and Rati Bregadze (based on my case). However, according to Gomelauri, Gharibashvili, Liluashvili and Shotadze also knew about the secret communication between me and him. Everyone already knows from whom you receive the assignment, but it has been proven once again that you are recidivists. First, you took Merabishvili out of his cell and deleted the footage, then you kidnapped Mukhtarli and deleted the entire city's cameras up to Lagodekhi, threatened to destroy my family, talked to me four times in prison and burned all the servers. You are recidivists, who are you? I suggest you write your resignation letter before it gets worse.

Tomorrow I will make public another key piece of evidence besides the prints, which is not subject to either erasure or damage on your part. This will finally confirm the information I leaked about your group criminal act. The burning of servers is proof of this and no one doubts it.

Is it difficult to fight against one of the former members of the system? The European Court of Human Rights will judge you in Europe, and the Georgian people will do it in Georgia." Gogashvili's letter reads.