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'Stand above party interests, start cooperation' Marina Kaljurand says

By Liza Mchedlidze
Thursday, September 22, 2022
The chairperson of the Georgia-EU Parliamentary Association Committee, Marina Kaljurand, calls on Georgian political parties to unite, stand above party interests and start cooperation.

"Maybe Georgia is disappointed, and I understand that disappointment, but that doesn't mean there isn't an opportunity. There is an opportunity, the door is open for Georgia's aspirations and everything is in your hands, in the hands of your politicians. I have been repeating this for the last few years, but I will say again that please unite, please stand above your party interests and please start cooperation based on the interests of the entire nation, since the Georgian nation wants to become a part of the European Union, it deserves to be a member of the European Union. So 'Georgian Dream', keep doing the work you are doing, keep working so that all interested sides feel that they are being heard, that their positions are being considered, and that they are part of the process. So that inclusiveness is not only on paper, but also in real life", said the MEP after the session of the Parliamentary Association Committee.

Marina Kaljurand called on the opposition and the civil sector to get involved in the activities of the working groups as much as possible.

"Please continue to work, a democratic society needs an opposition, a democratic society needs the voice of civil society, and this allows you to decide the future of the country."

I appeal to those members of the opposition who are not involved in the work of the working groups: please get involved, come to the working groups, express your position, because I am sure that this is what the Georgian voters want", said Kaljurand.

Marina Kaljurand also called on her Georgian colleagues to prevent Georgia from being used as a tool for Russia to avoid internationally imposed sanctions:

"I am glad that Georgian society strongly supports Ukraine, and I also today call on my Georgian colleagues to continue taking all measures to prevent Georgia from being used as a back corridor during Russian sanctions."

According to her, the war has hurt both Ukraine and Georgia, since Georgians also fell victim to the occupation and the war.

She also confirmed that the European Union will never recognize Russia's occupation and that EU fully supports the territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders:

"The European Union will support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders and will repeat this until the occupied territories are finally liberated and returned to the control of Georgia," said the European Parliamentarian.