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Senators Jeanne Shahin and Dick Durbin Visit Georgia

By Liza Mchedlidze
Monday, February 20, 2023
Senator Shahin and Senator Durbin are on an official visit to Georgia after participating in the Munich Security Forum, according to the US Embassy in Georgia.

According to the embassy, within the framework of the visit, Shahin and Durbin will meet with heads of state, members of legislative bodies and representatives of civil society to discuss bilateral relations between the countries, as well as the geopolitical importance of the Black Sea region:

"The Black Sea is a key geopolitical region for European security, especially in light of Russia's brutal war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is already acting to extend his malign influence in the region, and we know that his hegemonic ambitions go beyond taking over Ukraine. It is important that the US actively cooperates with its Black Sea partners and formulates a stronger policy towards the region. This is exactly what I plan to discuss over the next few days.

Georgia has important elections ahead of it and the opportunity to advance the democratic agenda. I call on our partners to prioritize [these issues], work to create a better future for the Georgian people and achieve more stability in the region. I also look forward to meeting with our allies in Romania. [Romania], an important NATO member, has played a significant role on the Ukrainian war front, facilitating the flow of Western equipment to support the fight against Putin and to help refugees fleeing the violence. There is much to discuss and I appreciate the opportunity to interact with our partners and allies in person," Shahin said.

"Georgia, which experienced Russia's brazen seizure of Georgian lands by military force in 2008, knows very well the future threat from Putin."

With the separation from the Soviet Union came the great prospect of defining the country's future directly within the transatlantic democratic societies - a vision that has not yet been fully realized and which I hope will be further encouraged during this visit" Durbin said.