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European Parliament to Discuss Events in Georgia and Express Support, Vlad Gheorghe says

By Liza Mchedlidze
Monday, March 13, 2023
MEP Vlad Gheorghe told reporters that next week at the plenary session of the European Parliament current events in Georgia and ways of supporting the country would be discussed.

According to Gheorghe, the European structures have not forgotten Georgia, and that now the European Union should show more support to Georgia. He added that together with the MEPs, this support for Georgia and its citizens will be reflected in political declarations.

"Georgia was not forgotten, as we said for historical reasons, the fact that Georgia was forgotten is not true in the European Parliament and in the European Commission. What is happening in Georgia is a mechanism for drawing attention to Georgia again - the European Union is still watching and talking about Georgia. I am sure that next week a plenary session will be held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and in the plenary session, we will discuss what is happening in your country and the support we should show to your citizens. Because I have a strong feeling that we should show more support to Georgia, to its citizens - now they need this support the most. I am sure that many of my colleagues in the European Parliament think the same, and you will see it in the political declarations," said Vlad Gheorghe.

When asked whether the West might impose sanctions on Bidzina Ivanishvili, Gheorghe said that he does not have an answer about sanctioning specific individuals, because it is up to the European Commission, however, those who help Russia and Russia's aggression will "undoubtedly be on the sanctioned list".

"Sanctions work. That's why Russia is mad... anyone who helps the Russian state, Russia's aggression in any way, and if the European Commission sees a reasonable connection between this person and such actions, they will undoubtedly be put on the sanctions list, and then their assets will be frozen and confiscated," Gheorghe said.