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Tbilisi Mayor Kaladze Affirms Georgia's Non-Participation in Sanctions Against Russia

By Liza Mchedlidze
Friday, August 4, 2023
Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze assessed the decision that bans the export of cars from the USA and the European Union to Russia and Belarus via Georgia. He emphasized that the Georgian Dream considers the interests of the nation and its citizens and refrains from participating in sanctions against Russia.

Kaladze expressed concern over the opposition's actions, stating that they were wasting money to falsely portray the country as independent. According to him, there could be no greater trouble or betrayal than spending funds to subject one's own country and homeland to sanctions.

"As for sanctions in general, we saw them once again in the FARA document, and the public saw that it was all a bluff. Throughout this entire process, the opposition was wasting money to portray the country as independent. What could be a greater trouble than this, a bigger betrayal than spending money to subject your own country, your own homeland, to sanctions? This is a very significant issue. We have repeatedly emphasized, and I can reiterate it now, that Georgia consistently collaborates with its partners," stated Kaladze.

Kaladze stated that the notion of joining sanctions is something they cannot consider, as it may pose problems for the country. On the other hand, they are fully prepared and eager to cooperate. If any errors occur, they are ready to address and correct them. Above all, Kaladze emphasized that they will refrain from taking any actions that could harm Georgia.

"Regarding the idea of joining the sanctions, we cannot take such a step that might prove problematic for our country. Right from the outset, we recognize its potential for harm. However, when it comes to cooperation, we are fully prepared and willing. Should any mistakes arise, we are ready to rectify them. Nevertheless, I want to underline that we will not take any actions that could be detrimental to our country," Kaladze said.