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Friday, August 4, 2023
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Georgia's Stance on Russia Sanctions Reaffirmed by Mikheil Sarjveladze

Mikheil Sarjveladze, the chairman of the Human Rights Protection Committee of the Parliament, stated that Georgia has consistently maintained a clear position regarding sanctions on Russia. From the beginning, the country has expressed its inability to unilaterally impose sanctions on Russia. However, it does not stand as an obstacle in relation to international sanctions.

Sarjveladze emphasized that he diligently fulfills individual issues entrusted to him in the context of Georgia's international cooperation.

"When our opponents conduct an absolutely unfounded and premeditated campaign to tarnish Georgia, the decision of the Revenue Service angers the opposition, as they attempt to mislead the public by suggesting the presence of some malicious practices. In other words, the government of Georgia remains committed to the position it has chosen, which is connected with the possibility of complying with international sanctions without independently imposing them," Sarjveladze stated.

Georgia's Solid Stance on International Sanctions: Samkharadze Affirms Russia's Compliance

Nikoloz Samkharadze, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament, highlights the end of disinformation campaigns and 'hysteria', particularly evident during the visit of sanctions coordinators from the USA, the European Union, and Great Britain to Georgia, where they praised the country's exemplary cooperation.

Samkharadze firmly asserts that Russia cannot bypass international sanctions within Georgia's borders. He emphasizes that their policy, declared since the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, is clear and purposeful. While Georgia refrains from imposing sanctions, it ensures that Russia cannot evade international sanctions on its territory. The recent decision by the Revenue Service aligns with this policy.

"We quite logically and purposefully implement the policy that we announced on the very first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We do not impose sanctions, but in our country, Russia cannot bypass international sanctions. The decision of the Revenue Service is also a part of this policy," stated Samkharadze.