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Samkharadze: Georgia Ready to Facilitate Dialogue Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

By Liza Mchedlidze
Monday, November 20, 2023
The delegation from the Parliament of Georgia actively participated in the 21st autumn meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly held in Yerevan.

As per the Parliament's press service, Nikoloz Samkharadze, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and leader of the permanent Georgian Parliament delegation, discussed the visit of OSCE President Pia Kauma and the delegation to Georgia, along with highlighting Georgia's regional role in his address.

Samkharadze conveyed Georgia's readiness to facilitate peace dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan, offering Tbilisi as a potential venue for negotiations. He expressed hope that, with the commitment publicly expressed by both sides, lasting peace between the two brotherly neighboring countries could be achieved in the coming months.

"I believe it was a very timely visit to assess the current situation and explore the possibilities of establishing lasting peace in the South Caucasus. It was also crucial for the delegation to visit the occupation line and the settlements of internally displaced persons-individuals who have been unable to return to their homes for more than 15 years, with some enduring displacement for up to 30 years due to the Russian occupation. I would like to emphasize that Georgia is ready to facilitate the peace dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

We are prepared to offer Tbilisi as a venue for negotiations, and we hope that, with the commitment that both sides have publicly expressed and made, we will be able to celebrate lasting peace between our two brotherly neighboring countries in the coming months. From our side, Georgia is ready to facilitate the dialogue," said Samkharadze.

In response to the leader of the Georgian parliamentary delegation, Pia Kauma, the president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, expressed her pleasure in visiting Georgia and highlighted the significance of the moment. She noted that Georgia has been granted the status of a candidate for the European Union, with the official announcement expected in December.

Pia Kauma reaffirmed the OSCE's full support for Georgia's territorial integrity and emphasized the organization's commitment to promoting peace in the region, particularly between Armenia and Azerbaijan.