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Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Extradition of Interpol Red Notice Subject from Georgia to the USA, Confirms Prosecutor's Office

According to information provided by the General Prosecutor's Office, a person wanted by Interpol with a red notice for particularly serious crimes was successfully extradited from Georgia to the USA.

The extradited person was wanted by the authorities of the United States of America from 2017 to 2021 for charges related to sexual violence against minor children and assault on a family member in the state of Texas. Additionally, there were charges in 2020-2021 for membership in an organized criminal group in the state of Louisiana, along with other crimes.

"The Tbilisi City Court, based on the petition from the General Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, deemed the extradition of the mentioned person to the United States of America as admissible.

On December 26, 2023, the Minister of Justice of Georgia made a final decision on extradition, following which the wanted person was transferred by the employees of the Special Penitentiary Service to the representatives of the competent authorities of the United States of America.

The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia expresses its readiness to cooperate successfully with the competent authorities of partner countries in the future to bring wanted persons to justice," the statement reads.

Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Nikoloz Samkharadze Meets with US Ambassador Robin Dunnigan

Nikoloz Samkharadze, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, held a meeting with Robin Dunnigan, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Georgia.

The parties discussed the current relations between Georgia and the USA, exploring opportunities for developing and strengthening parliamentary cooperation

The meeting also addressed regional security issues, with Nikoloz Samkharadze highlighting the challenging conditions in the occupied regions of Georgia, namely Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region, and the perceived threats originating from Russia.

Samkharadze briefed the ambassador on the government's plan and forthcoming actions concerning the implementation of the nine steps outlined by the European Commission for Georgia.

The meeting with the ambassador also addressed the matter of Georgia's integration into NATO. Nikoloz Samkharadze emphasized that NATO integration remains one of the foremost priorities in Georgia's foreign policy.