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Tuesday, January 23, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

GYLA Addresses Rights Violations and Advocates for Pensioners' Well-being

The Georgian Young Lawyers' Association (GAYLA) assessed the rights violations of pensioners, reporting that, during their provision of legal assistance to pensioners, they identified several systemic issues, including legislative problems. These issues necessitate a timely response from the relevant agencies.

GYLA has urged Liberty Bank to reassess the standard terms of the pension loan agreement.

According to GYLA, the reasons for suspending and terminating pensions are not adequately explained to pensioners during the pension appointment stage, and this aspect is incompletely regulated at the legislative level.

"There is a common occurrence where inaccurate information serves as the basis for the suspension and/or termination of pensions. In the absence of accurate information, pensioners cannot avoid potential complications and are compelled to initiate lengthy legal disputes to protect their rights, imposing a heavy financial burden upon them," the statement reads.

Furthermore, GYLA has highlighted the problematic nature of high interest rates on pension-secured loans and other unfavorable terms in the contract, placing pensioners in unfair and vulnerable conditions.

Government Plans Demolition of Republican Hospital for Construction of New, High-Quality Medical Facility

As per the decision announced during the government meeting, the current structure of the Central Republican Hospital is set to be demolished, with plans for a new building to take its place.

The Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili stated that, based on experts' conclusions, the reconstruction of the building for the clinic to meet international standards is deemed practically impossible and economically unviable.

Gharibashvili noted that some employees of the Republican Hospital have already found employment in various state clinics, while others will be hired in the future.

As per Prime Minister's statement, a new, modern state clinic built on the grounds of Tbilisi Central Republican Hospital is planned to include 500 beds. The multi-disciplinary, high-tech medical institution will encompass all major medical specialties.

According to the government administration, the Ministry of Health has already initiated procurement procedures for the demolition project and the design works of the clinic.