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State Security Service Successfully Prevents Explosive Device Transfer from Ukraine to Russia via Georgia

By Liza Mchedlidze
Tuesday, February 6, 2024
During a briefing at the State Security Service, officials revealed the successful prevention of the transfer of explosive devices from Ukraine to Russia via Georgia. According to them, six containers, each holding an explosive device, were discovered during a vehicle search and subsequently seized.

"As a result of the comprehensive actions carried out by the Counter-Terrorist Center, based on the testimonies of the interviewed witnesses and the recovered audio files, it has been determined that the mentioned explosive devices and substances were transported from the Ukrainian city of Odessa through Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey to Georgia on January 19 of this year. The transportation occurred via the 'Sarpi' checkpoint using a minivan owned by a Ukrainian citizen. The intended destination was the Russian Federation, specifically the city of Voronezh, through the 'Darial' checkpoint.

Later, at the request of the instigator, the decision was changed, and the persons involved in the process tried to take one of the containers, where three explosive devices were placed, out of the country from the mentioned point. The second container, containing three explosive devices, was left at a specific address in Tbilisi. The mentioned package was intercepted and confiscated by the personnel of the counter-terrorist center as it was about to cross the Georgian-Russian state border from the Georgian side." the statement reads.

The State Security Service has launched an investigation to uncover individuals involved in the creation of specialized explosive devices. The objectives encompass determining the transportation route, identifying the final destination, discerning potential targets for the attack, and gathering relevant information.

As per their statement, the three devices left in Tbilisi were either intended for export to Russia or meant to be left in Georgia for activation. The ultimate determination of their purpose will be established through the ongoing investigation.

The investigation is currently underway under Article 236, Part 3 of the Criminal Code. It is noted that the charges may be reclassified under Article 18-322, which pertains to the preparation of a terrorist act.