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Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Defense and Security Committee Chairman Irakli Beraia Meets with U.S. Ambassador Robin Dunnigan

Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee, Irakli Beraia, met with the United States Ambassador to Georgia, Robin Dunnigan. The meeting, as reported by the Parliament's press service, focused on strategic cooperation directions between the two countries and addressed American support in defense and security matters.

"The role of the United States of America in strengthening Georgia's security and defense capabilities is special. The strategic partnership between the two countries is of great importance, not only for the protection of our national interests but also for the enhancement of regional security as a whole. Further deepening and strengthening these relations with the United States is of particular interest to us. During the meeting with the ambassador, we discussed the existing strategic partnership between the two countries, with a focus on cooperation in the field of defense and security," said Beraia.

According to the assessment of the US ambassador, a productive and interesting meeting took place with the chairman of the committee.

"We discussed the US-Georgia strategic partnership, with a specific focus on our existing relations in the field of security. I believe our security relations represent one of the strongest pillars of our strategic partnership. Additionally, we explored how the United States can continue supporting Georgia's accession to NATO and the European Union. I hold great respect for our partnership and highly appreciate the role that Committee Chairman Irakli Beraya has played in strengthening our defense and security relations," said Robin Dunnigan.

Protest Held Outside Parliament Against Tsulukiani's Candidacy for Minister of Culture

In parallel with the committee meetings, where ministers presented the government plan, representatives from the cultural sphere and scientists organized a protest at the parliament opposing Tea Tsulukiani's appointment as the Minister of Culture in Georgia. Rally participants demanded that the committee refrain from expressing confidence in Tea Tsulukiani.

"On February 5, the Parliament of Georgia will once again listen to Tea Tsulukiani's strategy of culture management, which, in reality, is the destruction of culture, in order to once again express confidence in her for the post of Minister of Culture on February 8.

The representatives of the cultural sphere express no confidence in Tea Tsulukiani! Tsulukiani is destroying Georgian culture! Tsulukiani cannot be the Minister of Culture! Culture is alive, independent and political!" the protest organizers stated.