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Central Election Administration Reports Alleged Pressure on Employees and Illegal Use of Personal Data

By Liza Mchedlidze
Friday, March 22, 2024
The Central Election Administration spoke about alleged pressure on employees and attempts to illegally use their personal data. However, the CEC did not specify the cases under discussion, although it stated that information would be provided to international partners.

"It seems that the targeted discrediting campaign of the election administration of Georgia and its employees is moving to a new stage. Unethical attempts to obtain and use their personal information, allegedly dishonestly, including attempts to intrude into the personal lives of election administration employees and obtain personal information from them, have been recorded," the statement reads.

The CEC noted that such campaigns and efforts aim to "overshadow and depreciate the significant progress" achieved recently. They view this as psychological pressure on election administration employees, hindering their professional activities. It remains unclear which campaigns the election administration is referencing.

"The election administration will use all legal means to prevent violations of its employees' rights, intrusion into their personal lives, and the unlawful dissemination of personal information.

The employees of the administration will continue their activities in accordance with the law and with dignity to ensure the elections are conducted at a highly professional level. The election administration will continue to uphold the legal interests of its employees, and it will take all measures provided by law to address any violations of these interests. This includes informing all international partners of such violations."

The CEC expressed concern that certain individuals or groups in the country are prioritizing personal or party interests over the broader goal of enhancing the election process. The CEC urged all parties to adhere to ethical and legal standards, emphasizing the importance of conducting the 2024 elections in line with international standards, as the elections are a matter of collective concern and responsibility.

"Today, with Europe focusing on establishing high standards for the reputation, activity, and image protection of election administration employees, some parties in our country are acting based on narrow personal or partisan interests. This behavior hinders the crucial process of election modernization and damages the electoral environment. We urge everyone to adhere to ethical and legal standards and not obstruct the 2024 elections from proceeding in line with international standards, as these elections are a matter of collective concern," the CEC stated.