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Wednesday, April 3, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Public Defender Says Proposed Abolition of Gender Quotas Disregards Women's Equality Progress

The Public Defender of Georgia criticized the draft law introduced in the Parliament of Georgia, which aims to abolish gender quotas through proposed changes to the election code, stating that the planned legislative changes disregard the progress that women have achieved through their long-term struggle for equality.

"The gender quota mechanism is not a privilege granted to women, but an important tool for eliminating discriminatory attitudes towards women, fighting stereotypes, and fulfilling international obligations.

Women face invisible barriers every day, which can be eliminated, and substantial equality in the country can be achieved by improving the proportion of mandatory gender quotas and implementing other supportive measures.

For the democratic development of the country, it is necessary for the voices of women to be clearly heard in the country's legislative body and other policy-making agencies, ensuring that women's needs and measures promoting gender equality are prioritized on the agenda," Public Defender stated.

Judge Madona Maisuradze Claims Husband's Dismissal from Public Service Due to Her Vetting Stance

Judge Madona Maisuradze claims that her husband was fired from public service because of her stance on checking the integrity of the judges.

Maisuradze told Netgazeti that her husband, Giorgi Chemia, formerly a judge and specialist in the General Courts Department, "was asked to answer for his wife's actions and was forced to leave."

The Department of Common Courts of the Supreme Council of Justice labeled Madonna Maisuradze's statement as 'baseless' and 'a lie'. According to the department, Giorgi Chemia systematically failed to show up for work or left after only half a day of work.

"We offered him, like other employees, to show up to work on time and work with a full workload (equal to his colleagues), to which he refused, saying that this schedule was unacceptable for him and he would not be able to work intensively. Afterward, he made the decision to leave the job himself. Therefore, it is a lie that someone forced him to terminate his employment contract, and this is a targeted discrediting attempt," the statement reads.