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Friday, April 5, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Parliament Abolishes Gender Quotas: Amendments to Election Code Pass in Vote

The parliament has abolished gender quotas. The proposed legislation, fast-tracked for consideration, recently underwent its third reading. In the vote, 85 deputies supported the amendments to the election code, while 22 opposed them.

Additionally, the draft law stipulates that the minimum number of candidates for membership in the Parliament of Georgia on the party list is reduced to 30 from 60. This amendment is also incorporated into the Organic Law 'On Political Unions of Citizens', which abolishes the mechanism offering additional financial incentives to parties based on the inclusion of female candidates in the lists in appropriate proportions.

The initiators of the bill argue that by abolishing quotas, equal opportunities will be fostered, ensuring gender equality. "We are eliminating privileges. How could this be seen as fighting against women?" stated Aleksandre Rakviashvili, one of the bill's initiators.

Central Election Commission Registers Anti-Western Propagandist Party Alt-Info

The Central Election Commission has registered the Conservative Movement, a party affiliated with the anti-Western and violent Alt-Info movement, as a participant in the elections. This registration permits the party to compete in the parliamentary elections scheduled for October 26, 2024.

"Electoral registration of parties is regulated by law, and all those who meet the requirements set forth by the law will be registered. The Conservative Movement/Alt-Info submitted 50,608 signatures to the CEC. At this stage, signature verification has been completed, and the corresponding document has been issued," stated the CEC.

Alt-Info has orchestrated several violent incidents, and its leaders are known for openly expressing pro-Russian views and collaborating with Russian state entities and Kremlin propagandists. Their social media pages have been repeatedly removed by Facebook for disseminating disinformation and propagating coordinated propaganda, often through fake accounts.