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French Ambassador: 'Russian Law' Different from French Legislation

By Liza Mchedlidze
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
The French ambassador to Georgia, H.E. Sheraz Gasri, clarified that the controversial 'Russian Law' reintroduced by Georgian Dream and currently under consideration by the Georgian Parliament does not resemble any French law.

"We also consider various laws in France. I can tell you that the Georgian bill is not a French law. What happens in France or other parts of the world cannot be used to justify what Georgia decides for its future," the ambassador said.

Gasri reiterated that while Georgia has every right to legislate as it sees fit, France, as a member state of the European Union, observes that the proposed law does not embody the values upheld by the EU.

"Georgia is a sovereign, independent country. We, of course, recognize its sovereignty and independence. Georgia can adopt the legislation it wants. As a representative of the government of France, a member state of the European Union, I can say that we welcome Georgia to the European Union family. You know this well. As friends of Georgia, a country that wants to join the European Union, we tell Georgia that the draft law being discussed in the parliament does not align with the values of the European Union. Whether it accepts this or not is up to Georgia," Gasri said.

Additionally, when queried by a journalist about her potential participation in a televised debate concerning the "Russian law" proposed by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Ambassador Sheraz Ghasri emphasized that the decision rests with the Georgian government and its citizens. "It is not our place to judge the laws," Gasri responded.