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Tuesday, April 23, 2024, #076 (5637)

EU Directive vs. Georgian Draft Law and EU Concerns over 'Agents Law'

In response to a question posed by Fact-Meter regarding the differences between the draft directive in the European Union and the reintroduced draft law by Georgian Dream, particularly in terms of their scope or overall approach, Peter Stano, spokesperson for the European Union's foreign service, stated that the EU directive draft differs significantly from the Georgian one. (more)

Public Defender of Georgia Calls Out Russian Occupation for Human Rights Violations

In a recent statement, the Public Defender of Georgia highlighted the ongoing issue of illegal detentions by Russian occupation forces, citing the arrest of five Georgian citizens near the villages of Artsevi, Otrevi, and Dirbi in April as evidence of the continuing breaches of human rights. (more)

The News in Brief

"Two Georgian Citizens Unlawfully Detained by Russian Occupation Forces Near Dirbi Village" (more)

Opinion & Analysis

Georgian Government's 'Transparency' Draft Law Draws Acute Protests at Home and Reaction Abroad

"Very polarised" - this is how local and foreign experts assessed the situation in Georgia in recent years. Today, polarisation in Georgia has reached its peak. (more)

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