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Mamuka Mdinaradze Condemns Potential EU Sanctions Against Georgian Lawmakers

By Liza Mchedlidze
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
The leader of the parliamentary majority Mamuka Mdinaradze expressed his frustration regarding the EU's potential sanctioning of those Georgian officials drafting the law.

"Did anyone imagine years ago that the person who brought two laws - on transparency and family values - to the parliamentary discussion, would become the object of special, coordinated attacks by someone?"

They are trying to influence me with 'fakes', distorting the context, disinformation and all immoral ways, which is impossible, but the whole system of disinformation is working, isn't this a fact?!

Or if someone dared to threaten the deputies elected by the people with sanctions for initiating such laws, was it possible to imagine it?

What sanction, our ancestors sacrificed themselves for the country's independence.

It seems that we have come this far and it becomes even clearer how important it is to protect our national honour, independence, true European path and democracy, family values, Georgian identity and traditions, human rights and continue to move forward proudly, strengthening sovereignty, de-occupation, and development of the country. And on the path to full membership of the European family.

Nothing is easy for us, but we will always emerge as winners, the main thing is to be honest before our homeland and its worthy future!

We are waiting for you all on April 29!," wrote Mdinaradze in a Facebook post.