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State Security Service Accuses Certain Groups of Organizing Provocations Near Parliament, Involving Georgians Fighting in Ukraine

By Liza Mchedlidze
Thursday, May 9, 2024
In light of ongoing protests against the "Foreign Agents" law in front of the parliament, the State Security Service has expressed concerns over certain groups orchestrating "provocations" funded by foreign sources to incite destructive and violent scenarios.

Furthermore, the Security Service has alleged that Georgian citizens living abroad are actively involved in these plans. Specific groups of Georgian citizens fighting in Ukraine have been accused of expressing intent to return to Georgia and participate in violence against the police.

"Georgian citizens residing outside the country are actively involved in the mentioned criminal plans, specifically a group of Georgians fighting in Ukraine, who have declared their readiness to return to Georgia and actively participate in planned violence against the police. These individuals are in active communication with their associates in Georgia and are discussing plans to block and paralyze the parliament, government administration, and other government buildings," agency stated.

The State Security Service alleged that the protest organizers intend for the protests to result in human casualties. They believe that such outcomes will escalate the protests and increase radicalism.

The agency accused the protest organizers of specifically targeting aggression towards police.

"The specific target of the protest organizers' aggression is the employees of the law enforcement agency. Methods related to the organization of 'color revolutions', such as threatening, bribing, and staging their defection to the side of the protesters, are used to demoralize and provoke them. Ultimately, these actions aim to dismantle state structures and overthrow the government through violent means.

We urge the young people participating in the protests not to succumb to provocations. We appeal to the organizers that if they proceed with their destructive plans, immediate legal measures will be taken by law enforcement agencies to prevent the escalation of events, eliminate disorder, avoid civil conflict in the country, and preserve peace," agency stated.