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Monday, May 20, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Macron and Scholz Express Concern About Georgia's Shift from European Path

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz jointly issued a statement expressing deep concern about the situation in Georgia.

According to them, both countries strongly support Georgia's European path. They actively backed the European Council's decision to grant Georgia candidate status in December 2023. However, they regret the Georgian government's deviation from this path by adopting laws that contradict European values. They emphasized that Georgia's progress toward Europe depends on its adherence to shared values.

"We, Germany and France, are deeply concerned about the situation in Georgia.

Both of our countries have been staunch supporters of Georgia's European path and actively supported the decision of the European Council to grant candidacy status in December 2023.

It is with deep regret that we take note of the decision of the Georgian government and ruling party to deviate from this path by acting against our common European values and the aspirations of the Georgian people, such as through the adoption of the so-called law "on transparency of foreign influence."

Georgia's European path has been chartered - but speed and direction of moving forward depend on Georgia," their joint statement reads.

Georgian Dream Chair Denounces Sanctions as Wrong Approach

The chairman of the ruling party, Georgian Dream's Irakli Gharibashvili, believes that the optimal resolution to the discussion would be one that calms and satisfies all parties involved. According to Gharibashvili, GD is open for discussions:

"The prime minister has said many times that our colleagues, including the chairman of the parliament, have all stated that the team is ready for discussion.

If procedurally there is no other solution in this situation, perhaps this is what our colleagues meant. If the veto is a solution and within its framework, such terminology or a solution is possible, which will relieve this situation, calm all the involved parties, and make them accept what is acceptable. I think this would be an ideal case," Ghariabshvili said.

Gharibashvili emphasized the necessity of discussion and dialogue with international partners, asserting that it must continue. He criticized the need for sanctions, stating that imposing sanctions on the country or its people is the "wrong approach".

"On the one hand, we confirm our desire for discussion; on the other hand, threats, blackmail, and such statements are unproductive. We must utilize all available opportunities in this process," Gharibashvili said.