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German Foreign Minister Condemns Georgian Government's Obstruction of EU Aspirations

By Liza Mchedlidze
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has voiced strong disapproval of Georgia's actions hindering its citizens' will of joining the European Union. Baerbock's comments come amid ongoing protests in Georgia over 'Foreign Agents' law.

Baerbock expressed deep concern that Georgia's government is using a law incompatible with European values, as recognized by the European Council, creating a rift between the government and its people, who continue to protest.

According to Baerbock, Georgia's stance is undermining its own aspirations to join the EU. She stressed the need for both the government and the people to be aligned for Georgia to progress towards EU membership.

Baerbock highlighted the Georgian President's rejection of the law and the widespread calls from protesters for its repeal. She also noted the European Council's support for Georgia's European path.

Baerbock urged all parties to work together to secure Georgia's European future. She cautioned that failure to do so would only serve the interests of external actors, like Russian President Putin, to the detriment of Georgia's goals.

"It is incredibly painful that the government of Georgia is blocking its people's great dream, especially the youth, of joining the European Union.

To achieve this, the authorities are using a law that the European Council has deemed incompatible with European values. With such actions, the Georgian government pits itself against its own population, which, as we see, takes to the streets time and time again.

Thus, the government is acting against Georgia's European perspective.

We, the member states of the European Union, have affirmed the European perspective for Georgia, extending a hand to this country. However, it is clear that the European path can be taken only when not only the population but also the government desires it.

The president of Georgia has stated that she cannot accept this law. People protesting in the streets say that the law must be repealed. The same is echoed by the European Council. All parties involved want to do everything possible to ensure that Georgia can follow the European path, because otherwise, only Putin will be satisfied," Annalena Baerbock said.