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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Legal Committee Rejects President's Comments on 'Foreign Agents' Law and Supports Veto Override

The Legal Committee rejected President Zourabichvili's comments on the 'Foreign Agents' law and supported overriding the veto. The committee also reaffirmed its support for the original version of the law.

The veto issue will be discussed and voted on during the plenary sessions on May 28. If the parliament overrides the veto, the "Foreign Agents" law must be voted on again. It will be considered passed if it receives majority support from the members of parliament.

If passed, the law will be sent to the President for signature. If Salome Zourabichvili does not sign it, the Chairman of the Parliament will. After that, the law will enter into force and be implemented within the specified timeframe.

The Georgian President wrote in her remarks that the 'Foreign Agents' law violates four articles of the Constitution.

"This law meticulously repeats the spirit of the Russian law," the document reads.

EU Discusses Response to Georgia's 'Foreign Agents' Law, Says Borrell

EU High Representative Josep Borrell announced that the Council of Foreign Affairs discussed potential responses to Georgia's proposed 'Foreign Agents' law. Borrell highlighted differing views among member states on the law's significance, with some questioning its compatibility with EU norms. Referring to the Venice Commission's conclusion urging the withdrawal of the law, Borrell emphasized ongoing deliberations on an appropriate response, slated for June. He underscored the importance of upholding EU values globally and emphasized the significance of the upcoming elections in Georgia for the country's trajectory.

"We exchanged opinions regarding the 'Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence' and the developments in Georgia. Some member states consider this issue unimportant, while others believe that this law contradicts the norms and values of the European Union. They also referenced the conclusion of the Venice Commission, which calls on the [Georgian] authorities to withdraw this law.

We started considering the appropriate response if this law is enacted. We will make a decision on this in June. Member states are prepared to make decisions when our values, international law, and the European way are not upheld, not only in Georgia, but everywhere in the world. We also discussed the upcoming elections. Georgian people should vote for the trajectory of their country. The government's actions may affect the benefits they enjoy as a result of EU integration, but we have not yet made a decision," Borell stated.