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Monday, June 3, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Girchi - More Freedom Member Attacked by Two Persons with Electric Shock Devices

Tsotne Koberidze, a member of the opposition party Girchi - More Freedom, said that two persons armed with electric shock devices were waiting for him at the bus stop near his house.

Koberidze connects the attempted attack with his criticism of Georgian Dream MP Dito Samkharadze.

"I was wearing headphones and I heard two people swearing. I removed them, and they were swearing at me while holding electric shock devices in their hands. I wasn't startled, I dodged them and started swearing at them. When people around saw what was happening, many of them gathered around. One person, who was trying to attack me, fell down, jumped up, and I ran after him. I am sure that all of this was because of my interview on Mtavari Arkhi, where I talked about Dito Samkharadze," said Koberidze.

Georgian Dream Chair Welcomes China's Interest in Anaklia Port

Irakli Gharibashvili stated that everyone should be pleased that China has shown interest in the Anaklia deep-sea port. However, when it comes to investments from Western companies, Gharibashvili expressed disappointment, noting that despite repeated appeals to foreign partners, no Western company has expressed interest in the project.

"We are well aware that in terms of the development of this [Middle] Corridor, China's participation is of crucial importance. Despite our many calls to foreign partners, unfortunately, no western company expressed an interest.

According to him, the US and Europe both have economic activity and trade with China.

"We see many top European leaders visit China and the visit of the Chinese President to France and the heart of Europe. This is normal. We should use every situation for our country. If there is any contract with China, the US, Europe and it benefits our country, everything is welcome," Gharibashvili said.