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Thursday, June 6, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Four Journalists Banned from Parliament at the Request of Majority MPs

At the request of members of the parliamentary majority, four journalists were banned from working in the parliament for persisting in asking questions after being denied an interview.

Upon the request of Nino Tsilosani, journalist Sofo Gozalishvili from Formula was banned from entering the legislative body for 6 months, and journalist Nino Balanchivadze from Mtavari Arkhi for one month.

According to the decision of MP Sozar Subari, journalist Nata Kajaia from TV Pirveli will not be able to work in the parliament for one month.

Additionally, at the request of Guram Macharashvili, one of the leaders of People's Power, the parliament suspended the accreditation of another journalist, Maka Chikhladze, from investigative journalism program Nodar Meladze's Saturday. Chikhladze's work accreditation in the Parliament was suspended for one month.

The letter regarding the suspension of accreditation for Sofo Gozalishvili stated that, "despite being refused, the journalist persisted in attempting to record the interview".

"Repressive rules approved by the Chairman of the Parliament are being misused by the deputies, creating dangerous precedents," wrote Nodar Meladze, head of the information service at TV Pirveli.

MP Nino Tsilosani Sues Citizen for 'Stalking' After Alleged 'Traitor' Insult

MP Nino Tsilosani, who supported the Foreign Agents law, accuses citizen Data Kuprava of "stalking" after Kuprava reportedly called her a "traitor" on the street.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs promptly interviewed Kuprava following the incident. Tsilosani asserted that, "due to stalking," she was forced to change her place of residence.

As Data Kuprava stated, he was asked "absurd" questions by the judges during his interrogation.

"This case is not directed solely against one individual, Data Kuprava. It represents the campaign of intimidation that representatives of the Georgian Dream have been conducting for a long time. Now, they are intimidating people who protest rightfully with tenfold force," Kuprava said.