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Friday, June 7, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Georgian Prime Minister Criticizes US Congress MEGOBARI Act, Calling It 'Dishonorable'

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze, criticized the United States, calling the MEGOBARI Act initiated in the US Congress "a dishonorable act" that will not help Georgia-US relations.

The MEGOBARI Act (Mobilizing and Enhancing Georgia's Options for Building Accountability, Resilience, and Independence Act) was introduced by Republican Congressman Joe Wilson. The act proposes repercussions for individuals responsible for adopting or potentially implementing the "Russian-style foreign agents" law in Georgia, while also promising increased financial assistance and an eased visa regime for Georgia if the country strengthens its democratic and Western alignment.

Kobakhidze also criticized a letter sent by opposition parties to Joe Wilson urging Congress and the Senate to expedite the MEGOBARI Act, calling it "a continuation of betrayal."

Amid the ruling party's anti-Western rhetoric, Kobakhidze further accused former US ambassador Kelly Degnan of "two attempts at revolution."

"This is a continuation of treason. It is cynical when the law being discussed in Congress, which is called the 'friendly' act, is directly hostile. I would call this law the 'DAUDZINEBELI' [unyielding] law; such a title would be more appropriate. It's a pity, all this will not help the improvement of Georgia-US relations.

There were two coup attempts in 2020-2021, then in 2022 involving the previous US ambassador. Against this background, when people think not about healing and restarting the relationship, but about further ruining this broken one, it is sad. I call on everyone to act pragmatically and contribute to the improvement of Georgian-US relations," said Kobakhidze.

Minister of Culture Calls US Sanctioning Georgian Government 'Another Mistake'

The Minister of Culture, Thea Tsulukiani, has called the visa restrictions imposed by the US State Department "another mistake." Speaking on the air of Imedi TV, she expressed regret over the decision, describing it as detrimental to both countries' strategic partnership.

"I can boldly say that this is another mistake that the United States of America makes in relations with its strategic partner, unfortunately, unfortunately for them, unfortunately for us.

From this, we must assume that after this next mistake, other mistakes will be made. This will further extend the time it takes in a mutual relationship to reach the day when the page begins to be turned, and the relationship resets.

Of course, the United States needs to rethink these relations first. We will wait for this day because we were and are committed to our strategic partnership. We have never refused the United States and friendship with them," said Tsulukiani.