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Khabeishvili Steps Down from UNM Chairmanship, Plans to Nominate Tina Bokuchava

By Liza Mchedlidze
Monday, June 10, 2024
Levan Khabeishvili is stepping down from his position as the chairman of the United National Movement. He attributed this decision to his declining health following an assault by special forces.

According to Khabeishvili, he plans to convene a party congress in the coming days, during which he will nominate Tina Bokuchava as a candidate for the new chairman.

"I have reached a specific decision, unfortunately, due to my health condition. The public is aware of the events that occurred a month ago.

It's undoubtedly challenging for me, but based on the strict advice of doctors, I am actually prohibited from actively working for 2-3 months. Therefore, I cannot allow the party chairman to be non-functional for 2-3 months, not involved in daily operations, and not in a 24-hour working mode, especially with only 4 months remaining before the elections.

As a result of consultations with Tina and our team, we have made a concrete decision - I will convene a congress of the National Movement in a few days. During this congress, I will propose two changes: firstly, I will recommend Tina Bokuchava as the new chairman of the United National Movement party.

Additionally, I will propose myself as a candidate for the chairman of the political council, as I believe that the political council involves more strategic decisions rather than daily routine matters," Khabeishvili stated at the briefing.

According to Khabeishvili, another election will be held in the party in February 2025, at which the party members will elect a new chairman, and before that, the change will take place at the party congress, and Tina Bokuchava will be the leader of the UNM for pre-elections period.

Former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, welcomed Khabeishvili's decision to nominate Tina Bokuchava as chairman. He supports Bokuchava as the new chairperson, highlighting the party's renewal efforts. Saakashvili emphasizes the need to unite political forces, particularly among the youth, for national progress. He views this decision as a symbol of the party's resilience and commitment to constant renewal.