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Thursday, November 26 2009, #224 (1990)

Election Code discussions to move to Parliament

The amended draft election code will be submitted in a month, the ruling party officials said on Wednesday. (more)

Agriculture Minister reports to MPs

On November 24 Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli presented a report on the Ministry’s activities (more)

Policeman kills 19-year old Georgian in Moscow


Georgia says No to gender-based violence


Getting Georgian goods to the international market


Chinese Company ZTE Corporation: MagtiCom’s Unreliable Partner


The News in Brief

"Georgia and France to begin cooperation in security sphere" (more)


Much ado about Putin’s toast

The Georgian media and some politicians have been discussing the toast Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (more)

Press Scanner

"Labour Party demands that the Government buy school books" (more)

What chance do the opposition have in the Mayoral elections? Should they unite or not?
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