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Tuesday, November 19, 2019, #224 (4528)

Riot police disperses rally, bureau meeting held in parliament without opposition

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) used water cannon to disperse the rally in front of parliament in Tbilisi after demonstrators refused to leave the territory and allow MPs in the legislative body. (more)

Georgian Dream is not meeting protesters’ demands

Georgian Dream (GD) is not to discuss any new initiatives regarding the electoral system, responding to the protests in Tbilisi demanding a fully proportional electoral system from 2020. (more)

NGOs say German Model doesn’t contradict constitution of Georgia


The News in Brief

"‘Article 42 of the Constitution’ considers it necessary to apply to the European Court to protect Dr. Vazha's life " (more)

Opinion & Analysis

More international partners react to Georgia’s failed electoral amendments

The Georgian Parliament with the ruling Georgian Dream party failed to deliver promised electoral amendments that would ensure that 2020 parliamentary elections would be held with the proportional system instead of the existing mixed (proportional and majoritarian). (more)

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