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Wednesday, August 20 2008, #157 (1673)

NATO-Georgia commission to be set up

NATO has expressed its support for Georgia at a Foreign Minister meeting yesterday, held to discuss the ongoing situation in the country. (more)

Prisoners Exchanged on Georgia’s Terms

On August 19, 2008 an exchange of Georgian and Russian Prisoners of War took place at Igoeti, halfway between the cities of Gori and Tbilisi, under the supervision of the chairman of the State Security Council Alexander Lomaia. The exchange principle set by the Georgian side – all for all – was respected by the Russians. Former Georgian Prisoners of War declare that they were treated awfully, being tortured and disrespected by the South Ossetian separatist formations and Russian soldiers. The Georgian soldiers being exchanged were transported by emergency vehicles under the supervision of doctors. The Georgian side handed over the pilots arrested after Russian warplanes were shot down near the city of Gori. (more)

The longer they stay, the more we resist

Despite the fact Russia has officially signed the ceasefire document, Russian occupiers, feeling comfortable in Georgia, aren’t even thinking about leaving Georgian territory. Burning forests, houses and property, raping women, robbing cars, shooting journalists, kidnapping peaceful civilians, car passengers and Georgian soldiers–these and many more are the activities they are still engaged in. Perhaps there is still much more they will do. (more)

The News in Brief

Civil Registry Agency of Georgia registers 90,000 IDPs (more)


Opposition not confronting government while Russian aggression lasts

While Georgia is still facing full scale Russian aggression opposition parties refrain from criticizing the ruling administration and from holding any kind of anti government rallies or demonstrations. (more)

Victory comes from within!

Since the Russian invasion and the bombing of Georgia, journalists and pundits from all over the world have been covering these events. Everyone has an opinion and an analysis, be it the long term expert or the weekend reporter who has been sent to Georgia from the other side of the world. (more)

Enough fuel entering from Azerbaijan


No hard currency deficit, says National Bank

Press Scanner

Press Scanner

“Abkhaz blown up by Russian mines” (more)

Georgian Words of the Day


Do you think the Ossetians are our enemies?
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